Providing Pure Water for People in Need


We are a turning point for providing pure water for entire villages for years to come.

Pure Water For All Foundation is more than just a non-profit working to raise awareness. We bring a solution to the dirty water crisis across the globe. Through years of experience in water management, our founder came up with a device that can provide clean water for up to 5,000 people for over 60 years! Our goal is to get to the heart of multiple needs of a village at once: give life by providing pure water.

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Restoring life and health, one water system at a time.



The Khlor Gen Water Purification System

While the results we bring are to provide pure water in a renewable, sustainable manner, we focus on being a cause for increasing help to as many people as possible for as long as possible. We are able to do so with a battery-powered, solar-charged device that turns salt water into ozone, which is then used to treat local, infected water. Our solution is incredibly more cost-effective, portable, and easier to maintain than traditional water-purification methods. And in partnership with us, you can provide 5,000 people with pure water for 63 years for just $200.


Be Involved

There are many different ways you can help bring Pure Water to a village in need. While we listed a few below, we are welcome to new ideas and creative ways we can bring Pure Water to those in need.

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Get your workplace involved

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“Whatever the need, we want to reach the people of this world who suffer from various diseases caused by contaminated water, which can be treated, and secure for them a better quality of life.”

John Hays, Founder of Pure Water for All Foundation

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