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Your business can make an ongoing, lasting impact with a recurring donation. For just $5 a month, you can give 25 people Pure Water for life. Let’s work together to make those numbers multiply!

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At Pure Water For All Foundation, we are about more than just throwing money at a problem. We created a way to make a huge impact with our Khlor Gen System. And we want to give you, your family and friends, or your business a way to do the same.

Raise Money

Host an auction, do a bake sale, ask friends and family to donate for your birthday… the possibilities are endless!

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We understand if you can’t give money, host an event, or raise money for Pure Water For All.

So could we ask you to help us out on Social Media? Click on one of the links below to visit our profiles, follow us, like and share our posts.

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Or record a quick video telling your followers about Pure Water For All Foundation and how they can get involved too!

Inspirational Ideas

Many other businesses have found creative ways to get involved and make a life-long impact for villages of people to receive pure water to drink, clean water to heal, and a flourishing way of life.

Preferred Homes

A Northwest Indiana business helps provide Pure Water by offering Donation Match Campaigns.

A realtor has partnered with Pure Water For All Foundation by giving a percentage of each sale to those in need of clean drinking water.


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